We enable systematic risk reduction from the product concept to the maintenance strategy.

The Reliability Process:
Maximum reliability over the entire life cycle

Reliability is a central and cost-determining issue in the context of the development, validation and maintenance of mechatronic, controlled or hybridized systems. Uptime Engineering has developed methods and solutions to establish this topic as a continuous, cross-departmental process in a company: Our software suite Uptime SOLUTIONS is able to support the reliability process of systems and products over the entire life cycle. The core of this suite are the solutions Uptime PROVE(organization of product development), Uptime LOCATE(ensuring system reliability) and Uptime HARVEST (optimization of preventive maintenance).

Uptime Magazine: First-hand reliability

The Reliability Process: The Role of Statistics in Understanding the Future.

The second field of activity for statistics (apart from the present and the past) is...
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Uptime HARVEST provides recommendations for maintenance technicians

The maintenance of large industrial plants such as in the paper of metal industry is...
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The Reliability Process: The Role of Statistics in Understanding the Past and the Present.

Reliability, one of the core disciplines in technical statistics, begins with the definition of product...
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The reliability suite Uptime SOLUTIONS

As reliability experts, we see our task in maximizing the reliability of mechatronic systems over the entire life cycle. Our field-tested software system Uptime Solutions is able to make this holistic approach to reliability a reality.


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Uptime PROVE

A total solution for the effective management of product development


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An application to optimize the validation process


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SaaS solution to reduce service and maintenance costs in fleet management

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