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Uptime Engineering:
The Reliability Experts

We are the solution-provider for the reliability of mechatronic products.

Our customers are product developers and fleet operators in diverse mechatronic industries.

Our consultants have a solid background in product development. They work with our customers in joint project teams as a methodological partner for as tasks in the field of reliability.

Our experiences shows that high levels of reliability require the cooperation of development, simulation, quality, and maintenance. This is why we ensure an appropriate task distribution including all stakeholders.

Our reliability process establishes the methodology for the entire life cycle. We developed the process as a result of our customer’s practical tasks and continuously focus their methods on current challenges.

Our software suite Uptime SOLUTIONS is the platform where the methods are embedded in the process. We use the software in our customer projects and licence it. This ensures that our customer’s reliability teams have a solid basis for their tasks.

Our solutions consist of a combination of consulting and software. This enables us to supplement and structure our customer’s activities. This reduces their warranty costs and secures availability in fleet operation.

Our way to the Reliability Process

Technology Roadmap


Uptime Engineering was founded in 2010 in Graz, Austria and has 13 employees.
The roadmap shows the technology development since the founding of the company.

Our Vision

We see a sustainable future where highly efficient products are used for much longer periods of time than today.

Their most important characteristics are reliability and availability over their entire lifetime.

They are maintainable and repairable.

Our Mission

We support our customers in product development and in the operation of sustainable technology.

We improve our customer’s market position through joint methodology projects.

Our software enables our customers to attain high levels of reliability.

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The Uptime Engineering-Team

Our team consists of experts from a range of different backgrounds: From mechanical and electronic engineering, material sciences, statistics, software development, business science, all the way to expertise in the automotive, wind power, and heavy equipment industries.


I am responsible for the overall picture: I ensure that we understand our customers and that they understand us, that the job runs smoothly, and that we create benefits for the topic of reliability.


Franz Langmayr

Managing Director

My passion is monitoring projects. This is where huge amounts of data meet models, processes, and statistical methods: This is where I am at home.

Esther Lichtenegger

Product Manager

I am responsible for the perfect collaboration within the IT team and beyond the team’s borders.

Herbert Gsenger

Head of IT

As the office manager at Uptime Engineering, I am responsible for all organisational aspects from HR, via accounting, up to classic office tasks.

Brigitte Wiegisser

Office Manager

Together with our customers, consultants, and developers, I seek the best solution for the integration of complex tasks in our software.

Gudrun Düss

Product Owner

My job at Uptime Engineering is to implement customer requirements in a reliable software product.

Stefan Gönitzer

Software Developer

I take the greatest care when developing our software so that the reliability calculations function reliably.


Christoph Eibel

Software Architect

I am responsible for happy faces amongst my colleagues and customers because the reliability of our IT systems always exceed their expectations.

Marko Herman

IT-Systems Architect

My job is to deal with questions when everything seems obvious. Summarise so that things remain understandable. Reports because documentation is necessary. In short: Project management.

Michael Kropf

Senior Consultant

Lukas Weilguni

Junior Analyst

Julian Rachoining

Junior Analyst

Our partner

Uptime HARVEST delivers recommendations within the scope of the Boom Rail Solutions for state-based and predictive maintenance. These recommendations are used by Boom Rail Solutions users to constantly adapt the maintenance process to the current state of the fleet.