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Reliability Know-How at First Hand

Reliability is a wide field reaching from materials technology to systems engineering. The contributions by a range of disciplines all form the reliability process. We illuminate current aspects in the magazine from different perspectives. The contributions cover customer projects, research results, methods, and software features.

The realization of preventive maintenance (CBM)

Preventive maintenance can be developed efficiently with the knowledge gained from product development.
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LOCATE release note: Common parts make product families reliable

The new release of Uptime LOCATE supports and simplifies the validation of multiple variants within...
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Uptime EXPERT: the recommendation system for preventive plant maintenance

The degraded condition provides the information for recommendations for preventive maintenance
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Field testing – The bridge from product development to optimized maintenance

Field tests analytics provides quality assurance for development and indicators for predictive maintenance
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CBM and PDM for the intelligent maintenance of an existing fleet

Condition based (CBM) and predictive maintenance (PDM) are not only interesting for new equipment. The...
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Repairing fences instead of catching chicken

Failure analyses are knowledge generators. They create a solid basis for sustainable problem solving. In...
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Mitigation of Change Risks

Changes are the daily bread of the developers. They are used throughout the entire product...
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